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Couple Therapy

An experienced practitioner of relational therapy, I have specialized training in Couple Therapy.  In our work, I will act as supporter, ally, interpreter and therapist to your relationship, with an ear that is attuned to the unique and inherent strengths of the relationship, as well as the conflicts and hot topics that are contributing to impasse.


Couples that come to see me are sometimes stuck in patterns of blame, resentment, misunderstanding, avoidance or bickering.  Through the process of Couple Therapy, we will identify and work with cycles and patterns that are constraining the relationship, to nurture understanding, clarity, resolution and healing, to build and rekindle the relationship you prefer. I work with couples that have been together for 4 months, together for 40 years, and everything in between.




I have helped couples struggling with:


  • Communication and understanding

  • Resentment and hurts

  • Criticism and contempt

  • Defensiveness and stonewalling

  • Sexual challenges

  • Infidelity

  • Mistrust and jealousy

  • Addiction issues

  • Co-parenting issues

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